Help & FAQs

What is this all about?

Where can I find out more about using simulators?

Can I buy this stuff from you?

  • No, but you can take whatever you find useful from this site (within the terms of the Creative Commons and General Public Licences), and build your own.

I’m not confident of building this stuff myself, where can I buy something ready made?

  • There are some links to suppliers of off the shelf simulator equipment on the home page of this site.

Can I suggest an improvement/report a bug or documentation error?

Can you supply the PCBs?

  • No. Good quality PCBs are available relatively cheaply from JLCPCBSeeedStudio or OSH Park. Follow the links on this site or in the documentation. Alternatively you can get your own PCBs manufactured from the Eagle or Gerber files on GitHub.

Does it work? How many of these have been built?

At the time of writing, Type 1 simulators have been successfully built and installed at:

  • Liverpool Cathedral (12)
  • Liverpool Cathedral (Saxilby Simulator) (6)
  • St George, Douglas (One bell interface)
  • St Mary, Chirk (6)
  • St John the Evangelist, Higham (6)
  • St Margaret, Crick (8)
  • Southwell Minster (12)
  • In addition a set of magneto-resistive sensors has been installed at Immanuel Chapel, Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, for use with a Bagley interface.

Type 2 simulators are installed or under construction at:

  • St Mary the Virgin & St Peter, Lois Weedon (6) (pics)
  • Nantwich, St Mary (8)
  • Hemingford Grey, St James (8)
  • St Ives, All Saints (8)
  • Hurst, St Nicholas (8) (pics)
  • Bremhill, St Martin (6)
  • Broad Hinton, St Peter ad Vincula (6)
  • Rusper, St Mary Magdelene (8) (pics)
  • South Wraxall, St James (6+Dumb Bell)

What does it cost?

  • There is a cost estimation spreadsheet in the documentation folder on GitHub.
  • As a rough guide, as of January 2019 the estimated cost of all the components, PCBs and cables for a Type 2 simulator with magneto-resistive sensors for a 6-bell tower is approximately £190, and for an 8-bell tower approximately £210.
  • There are some economies of scale, so building three 8-bell simulators brings the estimated cost down to around £180 per tower. You can model these costs in the cost estimation spreadhseet, and you may be able to make further savings by shopping around for some of the components.
  • In addition, you will need a PC, the simulator software of your choice, and mounting hardware for the sensors.

Where did the old stuff go?

  • The original “Liverpool Simulator” hardware is now known as the Type 1, and has been superseded by the new and updated Type 2 simulator hardware. All the Type 1 documentation and code is still available for download on GitHub in the old repository, but the Type 1 is no longer under active development.

What is the site header image?

  • Sunset from the top of the tower, Liverpool Cathedral. Copyright 2015 Michael Allen, used with permission.